Student Support: Who’s Around to Help?

Take a look at what is happening…

Last spring the Georgia Department of Education (Teacher Tools, April 2019) featured some of the effective work in school districts, focused on student support.

NTACT’s Resources to Promote Student Supports with Secondary Students with Disabilities

· Effective Practices Matrix: access practice descriptions and lessons plan starters to promote student supports — Specific practices are noted above.


Kohler, P. D., Gothberg, J. E., Fowler, C., and Coyle, J. (2016). Taxonomy for transition programming 2.0: A model for planning, organizing, and evaluating transition education, services, and programs. Western Michigan University. Available at



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NTACT: the Collaborative

NTACT: the Collaborative


NTACT:C is a Technical Assistance and Dissemination project, funded by the OSEP and the RSA, Cooperative Agreement Number H326E140004.