Careers Through Occupational Courses

State & Local Examples — South Carolina

South Carolina High School Credential

NTACT Resources

Career and Technical Education & Secondary Students with Disabilities — This NTACT Quick Guide covers CTE, the importance of developing programs of study with CTE courses embedded throughout, and resources for teachers, administrators, and vocational rehabilitation personnel.


Goodman, D., Caldwell, A., Bodnar, D., & Stover, A. (2020). Employable: Transition program to improve employment outcomes for students with disabilities — Needs assessment & current constraints. Journal of Occupational Therapy, Schools, & Early Intervention, 13(2), 197–218.



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NTACT: the Collaborative

NTACT: the Collaborative


NTACT:C is a Technical Assistance and Dissemination project, funded by the OSEP and the RSA, Cooperative Agreement Number H326E140004.